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HOLDING DEPOSIT: Once paid in full the Holding Deposit secures the property pending the landlords agreement to proceed with your application. The holding deposit is £100 per applicant and is no more than one weeks rent. When you are offered and accept a tenancy the holding deposit paid will be credited against the £600 tenant’s deposit leaving a balance of £500 to pay. If you withdraw your application at any time before the tenancy agreement is entered into you will forfeit the holding deposit paid. You will also forfeit the holding deposit if you provide false or inaccurate information as part of your application. However, should the landlord withdraw the property before you have signed the tenancy agreement your holding deposit will be refunded in full.



By law we are required to see and photocopy original passports (not copies) at the time of paying the deposits. Where required we will also need to take copies of appropriate visas, and any other supporting documentation, for international students.


SERVICES: Unless otherwise stated the tenants will be responsible for payment of Gas, Electricity, Council Tax, Water, Sewerage Charges, Telephone, Internet and TV Licence for the fixed tenancy term. The landlord will ensure that the main utilities (gas, electricity, water) are connected from the start of your tenancy.


To help your move-in process we have partnered with a company called One Utility who will set up your electricity, gas, and water bills, saving you, time, and hassle!

The account will automatically be set up in your name from the move-in date. 

Please note you are free to move to an energy supplier of your choice, at any time, if you are responsible for paying these bills. If utilities are included within your rent you must not change the supplier.

What One Utility will do:

They will notify the relevant service providers of your tenancy start date and will arrange to set up accounts for gas and/or electricity. You should receive an email from One Utility before your move-in date.
They will also contact Exeter City Council to confirm you are exempt from Council Tax and set up a water account with South West Water.
One Utility will also contact you to discuss other services they can provide which include a combined bill paying service for all utilities, personal property insurance, internet, and various TV packages.

Please note these are optional and do not form part of your tenancy agreement with Go-Ahead Lettings.

TENANCY AGREEMENT: This will generally be an Assured Shorthold Tenancy Agreement for a fixed term of 11 month/48 weeks commencing from August/September 2023 until July/August 2024 (unless otherwise stated and agreed). All tenants, sharing a single property, will sign the same joint and several liable tenancy agreement. Once the tenancy agreement is signed it is legally binding on all signatories. Any agreed changes thereafter (subject to agreement by the landlord) will incur a £50 amendment fee. Any new applicant will be required to pay the appropriate holding deposit of £100.

DEPOSIT: A Tenant’s Deposit is usually £500 per person (£600 - £100 holding deposit). The tenants deposit is to be used to cover dilapidations and will not be accepted in lieu of rent. It is not transferable for those tenants staying on in the same property for the next academic year and will be registered in a Government approved deposit scheme.

RENT PAYMENT: The first month’s rent must be paid by 14th June 2024. Subsequent rental payments must be made on or before the rent due date by standing order mandate to avoid late payment fees being applied. Although we will assist you to set up a standing order payment it is the responsibility of the tenant to make sure it is activated, and there are sufficient funds available, so that payments are received by the due date - and late payment charges are avoided. Tenants without a UK based guarantor must pay the total rent for each term in advance.

INVENTORY: Although your accommodation is furnished it will not normally have kitchenware provided (cutlery, plates, knives, forks, spoons, pots, pans and bed covers, etc.). An Inventory and Schedule of Condition is normally prepared and provided at the start of each tenancy. At the end of the tenancy term the property will be checked thoroughly against that inventory. The tenants accept responsibility to indemnify the landlord for any cost to repair, reinstate any lost or damaged items, any additional cleaning required and the cost of the replacement or repair following damage or dilapidation to fixtures, fittings and decoration. Properties have been cleaned to a professional standard and, at the end of the tenancy term, the tenants are required to arrange for the property to be returned to a similar standard. A reasonable allowance will be made for normal wear and tear.

INSURANCE: The landlord is responsible for arranging insurance of the building and for the contents they provide. The tenants are responsible for insuring their own personal possessions and we recommend that you also insure the landlord’s possessions against accidental damage.

MAINTENANCE: The landlord is responsible for keeping the property in good repair and ensuring the property is in a habitable condition. The landlord is also responsible for ensuring that all appliances, fixtures and fittings supplied by them are in safe working order. Tenants are responsible for reporting all maintenance problems to the landlord or the landlord’s agent promptly. Any costs for maintenance/repairs caused as a result of the tenant’s negligence, misuse, or any other breach of the tenancy conditions, will be the responsibility of the tenants. Regular management visits will be made by the landlord or his agent.

GENERAL GUIDANCE NOTES: Please remember that you are renting a private dwelling on a joint and several liability basis. When choosing your group please be absolutely certain that you are happy with your choice of housemates. If, for any reason, one housemate does not pay their portion of the rent, the landlord or agent can demand that any shortfall is paid by the other tenants. Before doing so all other avenues would be followed first: reminders sent and guarantors contacted. Similarly, damage deposits are held as a whole on the property, so any deductions will be taken out as a whole and not apportioned individually unless agreed by the house group.

1. None of the particulars provided by Go-Ahead Lettings, or the landlord, have any contractual effect, whether by incorporation, implication or otherwise. All terms and conditions pertaining to the tenancy will be incorporated into the tenancy agreement to be signed by all parties.
2. Prospective tenants are advised to make their own enquiries regarding the structural nature of the property; fixtures and fittings in the property; utilities; council taxes and any other charges; the location and surrounding areas. Whilst Go-Ahead Lettings use every endeavour to ensure accuracy of particulars given no warranty is provided to that effect.
3. Go-Ahead Lettings reserve the right to retain any interest or commissions earned by them in respect of this tenancy.

4. Go-Ahead Lettings reserve the right to discuss all application information with the landlord but are not obliged to disclose details of references to the applicants, or any third party, even if the application is refused, as all references are applied for in strict confidence (Data Protection Act 1984).


1. A property is only secured once the combined holding deposit has been received and application form completed.
2. A Damage Deposit of £600 each must be paid – usually within 6-8 weeks of your application.
3. The first month’s rent must be paid no later than 14th June 2024.
4. Properties are to be cleaned to a professional standard at end of fixed tenancy term.

You may be charged a fee of no more that 3% above the Bank of England’s base rate for each day the rent is overdue (this is chargeable once the rent has been overdue for 14 days past the agreed date).

A reasonable Fee for the replacement of a key or security device.

A reasonable Fee for changes to a tenancy.

Redress scheme

We belong to the following property redress scheme: The Property Redress Scheme

Client Money Protection
Go-Ahead Lettings protect their clients monies through: Money Shield

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